Give whatever you’re cooking a good long bath in this marinade. Fish, turkey, tofu… doesn’t matter. Soak them all! Give it at least a few minutes though. An hour to a day works great, too.

What's in this bottle can be your best new friend. Add it to veggies for a quick kimchee, make a spicy mayo, add a little kick to your BBQ sauce or just marinate whatever is on hand to add a deep asian flavor.

Wondering how to add a little flavor to those everyday veggies? Heat up a pan, throw in a little sauté sauce and add them in. If you’re feeling like a pro, give the pan a quick toss to coat.

This is the duct-tape of all rubs. Think of the all-time-best chip seasoning and you’re in the ballpark for how this tastes. Seriously addictive and great on everything. Yes, everything.

When you need a little kick and want to add a fantastic blend of exotic flavors, don’t hesitate to rub this in. Sure, we could use words like masala or other fancy spice names. But the reality is: who cares when it tastes this good?

Like a sunburn from a tanning bed, this rub brings the cheesy heat. Perfect on everything from pasta to popcorn, this is the one rub that we cop to eating straight from the packet.